Kevin Winkler, mechatronics engineer
Dennis O’Dowd, after-sales director for North America

Early bird

Clear visions for the next generation at KHS

“If a company manages to exist for 150 years, then it must have done a lot right,” thinks Kevin Winkler. The 23-year-old mechatronics engineer, who has been studying electrical engineering part time alongside his work since September 2017, doesn’t just look back but also forward. In the medium term he intends to find a job in research and development to help “the company stay fit for the future through technological advance”.

Winkler from Dortmund, fan of the local BVB soccer team and enthusiastic amateur climber, first came to KHS during a two-week internship from school when he was 16. He enjoyed it so much that he came back three years later to apply for an apprenticeship – successfully so. In his present job in labeling technology Winkler particularly likes the fact that he works closely with the finished product – and that his working hours are flexible. “I can start work when I want to and thus adapt my job to suit my hobbies. Since I like to start work at 6 am, this leaves me with time later in the day.”

Growth catalyst

KHS also on the road to success in North America

As a qualified electrical engineer Dennis O’Dowd actually feels more at home in the world of programmable control logic systems yet when 13 years ago he was offered the job of after-sales director for North America he took it – with little hesitation. His greatest strength lies in how he manages people, “equally good” in his dealings with both customers and employees. “The biggest asset of my task of leadership at KHS is hiring people and watching how they develop,” smiles the 53-year-old. As head of a team of 110 service managers and engineers, most of them hand-picked by O’Dowd, he has plenty of opportunity to do so.

At the production site in Sarasota, Florida, O’Dowd helps to mold KHS’ success. “In the USA we’ve fought our way up from third to second place on the market. On the basis of our good products we form close customer ties with a number of different service offers and long-term maintenance contracts, thus enabling us to continue to grow as a company,” he explains.