Dear Readers:

Digitalization, the climate crisis, the energy revolution, the pandemic, supply shortages – we find ourselves facing a great many global challenges that require that we all make considerable changes. Wherever you look, change is all around us. It calls for a high degree of flexibility from each and every individual. And we are no exception: neither you the beverage producer nor KHS the machine and systems manufacturer. As your reliable partner, with both our tried-and-tested and new products and services we aim to be largely instrumental in helping you to achieve precisely the amount of freedom, course of action and security for the future you need in this situation. And thus ultimately the flexibility the consumer expects of your range of products and packaging.

Focus on sustainability: in order to realize its paper bottle project, Danish startup Paboco has formed a network with a number of illustrious global partners. You can read about which successes they have achieved thus far in their community of pioneers and what especially climate-friendly packaging can already look like in our trend interview.

Focus on efficiency: over the past few years Coca-Cola Europacific Partners has invested in new KHS lines at three of its German production sites. In the article Well sorted we show you the savings and increases in efficiency this has resulted in in Mannheim, for instance, where the bottler operates one of its biggest plants.

Focus on the future: KHS has now also completely revamped its PET filler platform as a modular system, echoing similar successful changes made to its glass filler in the last couple of years. More or less freely configurable and expandable, it now satisfies even the most demanding customer requirements with its maximum adaptability and future viability. Find out how in the article All options open.

Charles Darwin once established that it’s not necessarily the strongest or most intelligent species that has the greatest probability of survival but the one that can best adapt to change. On that note: please stay flexible – and safe!