In keeping with the great importance our company attaches to the issues of sustainability and environmental management, the printed edition of “KHS competence” will be carbon neutral. This means that the greenhouse gas equivalents released during the production of the magazine will be ecologically offset. To do so, the emissions first have to be identified in detail. This calculation not only includes the factors involved in production, such as energy consumption, printing plates, logistics, administration and cleaning agents, but also the individual parameters of the magazine, i.e. paper, number of copies, ink, colorfulness, and transport to the readers.

Depending on the scale of the emissions, special emission certificates are obtained for our magazine from the natureOffice label which are used to finance investments in recognized, high-quality climate protection projects in the fields of renewable energy and reforestation. These projects could include a wind park in India, solar kitchens in South Africa, and the generation of hydroelectric power in Guatemala. Many projects within Germany also require additional funding, how­ever. The project selected for emission compensation with regard to the current issue of “KHS competence” thus supports the reforestation of the city forest in Werdohl in North Rhine-Westphalia with local deciduous trees and shrubs. Specifically, 73 trees will be planted there to balance the production of this edition.