Dear Readers:

In this issue of “KHS competence” we’ll be addressing the ever-present issue of sustainability. And for good reason – the global debate on packaging waste, for example, has also long since reached the beverage industry. The order of the day is to reduce and recycle, especially when it comes to PET containers and ­plastic packaging. Climate goals are also becoming more and more relevant and demand that the carbon footprint in production continues to be steadily reduced. The question of how we’re to meet these challenges poses itself anew every ­single day. In this issue of our magazine you can read how, through its systems, KHS can help to ensure that the industry remains viable for the future – both ecolog­ically and economically.

  • This will interest you: Berlin startup share is an exciting example of social sustainability. With each purchased product consumers not only do themselves good but at the same time also help a person in need. Co-founder of share Iris Braun explains how this works in our trend interview.
  • This will please you: compared to the previous models, the new stretch blow molders in the InnoPET Blomax Series V consume much less energy and further reduce the amount of PET material used. Read in detail about which innovations this has given rise to and how we’ve made very good technology even better, in our article Even better in every aspect.
  • This will surprise you: already a model for the entire company group regarding environmental commitment, KHS India is by no means resting on its laurels and working towards its certification as a Green Factory Building. More on the ‘top of the class’ in a country undergoing radical ecological change can be found in our Special.

We hope to provide you with plenty of new insights and wish you a good read with these and all our other stories!

Martin Resch
Member of the Executive
Management Board