Update for the upgrade finder

New market requirements demand that beverage producers often change and upgrade their production technology. With upgrades and conversions from KHS existing machine equipment can be quickly and efficiently adapted to suit new production, quality and sales targets while at the same time boosting line ­efficiency. Since 2014 the upgrade finder on the KHS website has provided a summary of which specific upgrades are available for a certain system. In four logical steps users accurately filter out the right upgrade solution for their individual setup. First, the product group is selected (such as filling or inspection), then the ­container type and branch of industry. The user finally opts for one of the optimization options offered (such as efficiency) and with a click of the mouse finds out which of the total 200 ­upgrades KHS has in its web-based tool as standard best meets his or her specifications.

In addition to continuous entry of the latest upgrades the content of the online tool has now been greatly expanded and given a set of new functions. Armin Wille, conversions product manager in the Service Division at KHS and the man responsible for the content of the upgrade finder, explains how customers benefit from the update. “The upgrade finder is now more user friendly than before, with a number of new keywords having been added to the search filters, for example, or the ability to bundle and download search results.” Wille describes the update as yet another step in KHS’ consistent orientation towards the customer and summarizes the benefits of the software in four points:

  • Customers can gain a quick overview
  • Customers can find all the current upgrades and conversions here
  • The content is constantly updated, making it advisable to use the tool frequently
  • The upgrade finder makes it easy for customers to make direct contact with the right contact person for them at KHS.

Direct access to the upgrade finder is provided here.