This is what it says in Chinese when KHS welcomes visitors to its website. The text isn’t just limited to a greeting, however, for since last fall the full KHS website has also been available in Chinese. All Chinese-speaking customers and interested parties can now quickly and conveniently find out what they want to know about the company and its products, including press releases, at By posting the website in Chinese, KHS is giving national beverage and food producers the chance to glean direct, comprehensive information on its wide range of products and services. KHS is also making a cultural overture to its many Chinese clients who need to be able to research and communicate for business purposes in their mother tongue.

The start screen has been slightly adapted for the Chinese version, allowing customers to make direct contact with the sales and service experts at KHS China and the offices in Peking and Shanghai. In a second phase the Chinese website is to be gradually adapted to the specific needs of Chinese users in order to perfectly supply them with information. The focus is on personal contact with customers and people interested in KHS. “Language is extremely important in China, which is why all of our sales personnel are native speakers. It therefore goes without saying that people must be able to access our website in Chinese,” says Christian Schwarzmann, head of KHS Regional Center China in Shanghai, who is pleased with this new development. “Incidentally, we are naturally more or less in contact with our customers 24/7 here. Our Chinese Internet presence now makes this all the easier.”

You can now view the KHS website in English, German, and Chinese at