Professor Dr.-Ing. Matthias Niemeyer (zweiter von links), CEO KHS GmbH und Uwe Hoffmann (links), NMP Systems GmbH bei der Überreichung des Deutschen Verpackungspreises 2014 durch Burkhard Lingenberg, Vorstand Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut e. V.

German Packaging Award 2014

Award-winning duo


Dortmund Business Training Award 2014

Commitment honored



China visits friends

Die Zukunft im Fokus: KHS initiierte mehrere Veranstaltungen für den Nachwuchs

Corporate responsibility month

The future firmly in view

Environmentally friendly, cost effective and flexible: these aren’t just compelling selling points but also criteria worthy of a prize when we’re talking innovative packaging techniques. This at least is what the expert jury of six thought at the 2014 German Packaging Award which presents the coveted prize under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry of Economy.

KHS’ commitment to the next generation has also been honored by the Dortmund economy in the form of the 2014 Training Award. The jury presents the award in three categories according to the size of the company. KHS won first place in the category of training centers with over 100 employees.

In the middle of September 2014 the two most densely populated countries of the world came together, represented at the highest level by their respective heads of government. In Ahmedabad, the home of KHS Machinery Pvt. Ltd., India’s prime minister Narendra Modi met the president of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, to intensify economic cooperation between the two Asian giants and negotiate plans for the future. A delegation of 40 Indian ­economic leaders was also invited, among them two representatives of KHS in India: vice chairman Mahendra Patel and managing director Yatindra Sharma.

Corporate responsibility is writ large at KHS which is why the company stretched the campaign week on this subject staged by the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) to fill an entire month.

Among the 230 candidates to distinguish themselves were combined innovations Direct Print and Nature MultiPack™, both still at the prototype stage and marketed by NMP Systems GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of KHS. In combination these pioneering direct print and packaging technology developments completely do away with the need for labeling material and secondary packaging.

Together these produce a multipack where the individual bottles are directly printed onto and held together by dots of adhesive, forming not just a completely new system of packaging but also a very sustainable one.

Not only companies will benefit from the welcome added value. Consumers will be pleased, too, as there are no more loose labels, no laborious removal of secondary packaging and no more plastic film to dispose of. It’s thus hardly surprising that such strong arguments won over the jury at the 2014 packaging award – which went to a form of packaging which isn’t packaging anymore.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Niemeyer, CEO of KHS GmbH, sums up. “With Direct Print and Nature MultiPack™ we’ve trodden new paths, enabling our customers to be leading innovators on their markets. Winning the 2014 German Packaging Award once again confirms the future viability of these systems. We’re very happy that such a qualified team of experts as the specialist packaging award jury explicitly voted for this new and sustainable packaging system.”

A number of trade associations are behind the Dortmund Business Training Award which is presented in three categories and supported by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Chamber of Trade and the Signal-Iduna Group. The representatives thereof selected the prizewinners according to criteria such as training quotas, commitment and results, but also according to the scope of quality requirements and the innovative level of the training courses. The continuity of commitment was also included in the assessment. At the presentation ceremony in Dortmund trainees from the prize-winning companies were able to talk about their personal experience, thus giving the award a face. With this award KHS sees its intensive and ever successful efforts to train up the coming generation confirmed.

Ahmedabad is the largest city in the northwestern Indian state of Gujarat, the region in which the current Indian prime minister was not only born but where he also headed the government for almost 13 years. It was in this capacity that in 2007 he personally opened the ultramodern KHS factory. The most powerful man in India obviously has fond memories of this occasion, evident in the fact that KHS is ­given a detailed mention in the PM’s recently published biography. For him, the KHS production site in Ahmedabad is a successful example of his endeavor to further economic development in his native state of Gujarat. For the future, the Indian head of state hopes that his great neighbor China will also invest more strongly in his country. KHS could play a part in this – for the company enjoys a good reputation not only in India but in China as well!

Next generation
One of the topics was responsibility to the next generation for it is only they who, with the best possible training, can secure the future of a company. KHS is therefore committed to qualifying young people in many different ways. Activities include cooperating with schools and taking part in vocational training shows and events such as Girls’ Day. Of the 189 trainees in the German KHS Group, to date over 50 have now embarked on their career.

International career opportunities were at the focus of several informative events held at the German KHS sites in Dortmund and Bad Kreuznach. Gleaning experience at KHS factories outside Germany is also an important part of the Engineer4Future trainee program for university graduates with a technical degree.

Next world
Responsibility towards the environment was also discussed at two sustainability days in Worms and Bad Kreuznach. How can we save energy, spare our resources and protect the environment? Responsibility to employees also played a role at these meetings, for occupational health and safety are of course also important issues for KHS.

KHS is especially proud of the fact that the company regularly goes far beyond the legal provisions in this area and that it is exemplary and consistent in its demonstration of responsibility. Examples include its independent ethical audits or its own established system of energy and environmental management – which is practiced worldwide.