Orientation in our changing world


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So much is changing: our climate, laws and regulations, consumer demands and behavior – and even political certainties. In this time of upheaval beverage producers can rely on technical systems and solutions from KHS that meet these diverse challenges both now and in the future.

For greater flexibility in PET bottle manufacture

With its quick neck changeovers KHS provides a new, time-saving and highly efficient option for the production of totally different beverages on a single line.

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For more future viability in beverage can filling

After glass and PET, KHS' modular platform is now available for can filters. This gives operators more flexibility to cater for future demands from both the market and the beverage industry.

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For a smaller footprint and higher efficiency in keg filling

The new Innokeg X module from KHS washes and racks kegs in just one operating step. This saves time, money and space – which will undoubtedly delight craft brewers in particular.

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For more informed decisions re climate-friendly packaging

With the help of comprehensive calculator tools KHS enables conversions to be assessed and various primary and secondary packaging to be compared with respect to their carbon footprint.

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