Dear Readers

Geopolitical tension and conflict have caused inflation and an increase in interest rates. ­Investors and consumers are becoming ever more cautious, resulting in a slump in order entries in the processing industry worldwide. This also applies to machine manufacturing and engineering, although unlike many other companies KHS has again seen a very positive development in contradiction of the general trend. This undoubtedly lies in the fact that the beverage industry especially is considered to be resilient to crisis – after all, beverages will always be drunk. Our success is largely attributable to our KHS 2025 strategy program, however, that we’ve consistently pursued for several years now. Its overriding aim is to cement and constantly further develop our role as partner and reliable supplier to our customers. The examples in this issue of KHScompetence illustrate our progress in this respect.

Focus on flexibility: introducing a universal adhesive for Nature MultiPack has proved to be another milestone in the beverage can segment. We’re now offering this pioneering further development for PET bottles, too. In article One suits all read how this extends the possible uses of a pack that needs no shrink film whatsoever and is thus one of the most environmentally-friendly forms of secondary packaging currently available on the beverage market.

Focus on sustainability: Galician brewery Hijos de Rivera already greatly appreciates the benefits of Nature MultiPack. Our article Done everything right shows that its A Coruna site has opted for the climate-friendly ­packaging system on not one but two KHS lines for a sharper competitive edge – and successfully so.

Focus on efficiency: German mineral water producer BAD MEINBERGER is currently testing the KHS HASYTEC Dynamic Biofilm Protection system on a bottle washer that’s been in reliable operation for 20 years. Here, ultrasound actuators cause certain parts of the machine to gently vibrate. Find out in article Clean sweep how this greatly reduces deposits, makes for longer intervals between cleaning cycles and saves both energy and resources.

The general state of affairs will remain challenging for a while to come, yet a number of major aspects have recently improved. We thus have good reason to look to the future with confidence. The developments and activities described in this edition of our magazine show that we are well positioned to do so. We wish you a good and entertaining read. Please stay hopeful and optimistic!

Martin Resch
CFO Finance, Procurement and IT