Dear Readers:

This last summer was marked by devastating forest fires in North America and Southern Europe and catastrophic flooding in Germany. Nobody now still seriously doubts that climate change has long since engulfed our planet and poses a great threat to it. If we want to ensure that our world is habitable for generations to come, we must act fast – each and every one of us alone and all of us together. It’s high time that we questioned or broke with our familiar, cherished routines. Business, industry, our energy supply, mobility and consumption must be made as sustainable and as climate-friendly as possible. We repeatedly make very concrete contributions to this within the bounds of our possibilities – and help our customers in their own respective endeavors, too.

Focus on sustainability: for many years KHS has scored with machines for environmentally-friendly secondary packaging that produce less waste and strengthen the circular economy. The new Innopack Kisters CNP, for instance, turns beverage cans into packs without plastic and adhesive. Find out how in the article ‘Flexible genius’.

Focus on efficiency: KHS provides lots of options for the Innofill Glass DRS ECO that help to further boost its already high levels of energy and resource efficiency. The real highlight of this machine is its much reduced CO2 consumption, however, coupled with exceptionally low oxygen pickup. Read why this surprises even the most experienced of brewers in the article ‘Low-oxygen zone’.

Focus on the future: Swiss company Climeworks is making a significant contribution to the protection of the climate with technology that filters carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reuses it – to not only make synthetic fuels but also to carbonate beverages. The trend interview on this subject can be read in the article  ‘Out of thin air’.

Finally, in the article ‘Growing significance’ we present our sustainability report, in which KHS gives a detailed insight into all of its activities relevant to this topic on a voluntary basis.

Please take good care of yourselves so that we can meet again – in the best of health – at next year’s key trade fairs. We look forward to seeing you!



Dr. Johannes T. Grobe
Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Beate Schäfer
Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)