Dear Readers:

The development of KHS and its predecessor companies over 150 years traces a wide arc spanning almost the entire timeline of German industry – from early industrialization through economic miracle to globalization, from automation to the digitization of production processes, a phenomenon we have been addressing intensely for some time now.

“Only those familiar with the past have a future.” This statement by the great scholar and statesman Wilhelm von Humboldt also applies to us. This is why in this special edition of “KHS competence” we won’t be introducing any of our latest innovations to mark our big anniversary. Instead, we’d like to invite you to travel back in time with us and together explore one-and-a-half centuries of our checkered company history. Join us in taking a look at the general and industrial historical backgrounds and contexts which paint a lively picture of the journey we’ve taken. We’ve focused less on the scientific presentation of our technological developments and more on the human stories behind them, many of which facilitated their very evolution.

150 years of entrepreneurship and ingenuity – these are the two decisive qualities which have lent KHS its current worth and prestige. They are a central theme throughout our history and form the foundations upon which we now stand. I’m convinced that these two values, combined with the commitment and passion each and every one of our around 5,000 employees puts into their work day after day, will also ensure that our company continues to grow and prosper in the future. Let’s then not only now look back on our proud tradition but also look forward a promising future together.

Best regards,

Burkhard Becker,
Chairman of the Executive Management Board, KHS GmbH