In light of its global sustainability management program and numerous projects focusing on various social, ecological and economic issues, KHS can again allow itself an air of confidence in its second sustainability report, published just recently. “For us, sustainability is much more than just a word,” explains Prof. Dr.-Ing Matthias Niemeyer, chairman of the KHS GmbH Executive Management Board. “We assume responsibility for people and their natural surroundings by practicing environmental friendliness and social commitment in all aspects of our work.” Thanks to the successful implementation of new professional fields, renewed certification according to international standards and the market launch of important innovations, KHS offers its customers durable quality systems which are extremely efficient in their use of resources throughout their entire life cycle and set standards when it comes to saving on packaging materials.

The new sustainability report pays particular attention to the subject of PET. “As a manufacturer of machines and systems which produce, fill and pack plastic beverage bottles, KHS is well aware of the responsibility it also bears in this area,” says Dr.-Ing. Peter Stelter, executive vice-president of Strategy and Technology Management. “For many years we’ve been working with new technologies to use fewer and fewer raw materials, both in the packaging itself and in the manufacture thereof. We’re committed to finding new packaging solutions; these include the material-saving principles of design which form the basis of our lightweighting programs and the willingness to process alternative materials, such as those made from plant-based raw materials or recycled plastic. Our top goals continue to be to save on raw materials and use resource-saving materials in an attempt to make manufacture at KHS and production at our customers’ sites as innovative and sustainable as possible.”

The new sustainability report has been prepared entirely online and is now available on its own website. The clear, magazine-like layout and quick access to specific information are designed to awaken readers’ interest in this topic and provide a sound summary of the most important facts and figures.