Dear Readers:

’Quality not quantity‘ is the title of this edition of the “KHS competence” magazine. With it we pay homage to a development where the accent is increasingly on quality and not quantity – a reflection on the value of things and also a concentration on what’s really important. For in many areas less is often better than more for our customers, too. If, for example, we downsize our high-performance plant technology to make it accessible to SMEs, this is good for the rapidly growing number of craft breweries. You can read about which specific innovations KHS has developed which are specially tailored to this target group beginning on page 20.

The concept of less is more also applies to Danone Waters which has been the first company to launch our Nature MultiPack™ innovation to market with its Evian product. Here, less packaging creates more prestige: the name of the fine new bottle which in completely doing away with shrink film can now properly communicate the premium character of this brand. We talk to Frederic Maetz, head of Global Engineering, about this beginning on page 58.

We examine a very different aspect of the less is more idea beginning on page 66 by taking a look at the KHS Service Division. Thanks to new processes in this area the delivery time for conversion kits will be drastically reduced in the future. This gives our customers more flexibility for their own actions on the market.

The list is of course endless – for example, the fact that we at KHS are doing all we can to ensure that our systems consume less energy and fewer resources for more economy in your company – but firstly, you’ve already known this for some time and secondly, less is, after all, more. On that note I wish you happy reading with this new edition of “KHS competence”!

Best regards,

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Niemeyer,
Chairman of the Executive Management Board, KHS GmbH