“As far as key account managers are concerned, only those who have a full overview can provide sound support to customers at a global level and cater for their individual needs.”

She also has a clear answer when it comes to naming a common denominator when working for key account customers. “There’s no standard strategy as our customers are all very different. Very centralized key accounts make all their important decisions at their company headquarters, for example, while franchises are extremely individual in their setup. It’s the key account manager’s job to find a strategic approach which suits the customer and his or her organization.” It’s not simply a case of delivering a machine, as customers expect a complex range of services and effective support to achieve growth on their markets. KHS also believes that key account management is becoming more and more important. “Our branch of industry is tending towards further consolidation. In this context close partnerships will increasingly become a major success factor.”

Clear goals

When asked to name exemplary flagship projects implemented by key account management in the last few years, Ramona Blazsani mentions several brewery schemes: supplying Portuguese Carlsberg joint venture Unicer Bebidas with four lines, Carlsberg Dali in China with three lines and Paulaner in Germany, an associated Heineken company, with seven lines. To close, she tells us her work motto. “Comfort is the enemy of achievement. You have to have clear goals which you persistently pursue and see that you constantly undergo further development.” Ideal conditions for reliable performance and long-term success …

Working for the customer

Her business card describes her as “Global key account manager”, a job which Ramona Blazsani likes to compare with that of ambassador. “In our everyday work,” she says, “a key account manager is primarily an ambassador for the customer within the KHS organization – and also ambassador to KHS when he or she is with the customer.” Here, the aim is not only to solve sales-related issues but also to work on long-term goals with the customer and build up a partnership at local and global level. How does this work? Says Blazsani, “By catering for the customer’s requirements and creating a win/win situation which both sides profit from.”

In the course of the ordinary working day a global key account manager has to master many different tasks. These range from processing complex framework agreements through offers and service contracts to implementing strategies with the customer. He or she also has to push innovations. If you want to be successful, you have to see the bigger picture, claims Blazsani. For only those who have a full overview can provide sound support to customers at a global level and cater for their individual needs.

Ramona Blazsani comes from Romania, studied business administration and has an MBA. She started her career at KHS in 2008 in after sales, switching to the Sales Department in 2010. She was also managing director of KHS’ subsidiary in Romania, where one of her jobs was to provide support to a key account in Central Eastern Europe. Blazsani took up her current position in the Global Key Account Management Department in 2013 at the KHS plant in Bad Kreuznach in Germany. She spends her time away from work playing the piano and loves traveling to learn about new cultures and get to know new people. “One is a relaxing hobby, the other helps me in my job.”

Flexibility required

What prompted her to join KHS? Blazsani has always been interested in technology and used to work for a technically-oriented company. KHS interested her as an innovative employer who provided the opportunity to become directly involved with new products or general optimizations. “I found the combination of mechanical engineering and a dynamic beverage industry extremely exciting. KHS also enables me to put my business qualification and technical interest to good use.” She fondly remembers her very first project at KHS. “It was for a major beer customer in Romania whose production shop was to be converted and equipped with new machines. Not an easy task. Working in a team with the customer, however, we managed to meet all the challenges.”

What skills should a global key account manager have? Blazsani knows from experience. “You need a passion for this job and the customer but also flexibility and creativity. With the many situations which can occur in totally different regions you have to adapt quickly in order to be able to solve changing tasks quickly and well.”

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