In our new KHS blog – which anyone can access and comment on – experts and specialists from KHS explore and discuss the current issues of the filling, packaging, and beverage industries. Our blog authors post direct information on their work and projects, giving valuable insights and explaining in detail which benefits are available to users of the new technologies. Topics range from clever bottle design through labeling to innovative developments in keg technology. Some of the highlights are given here.

  • Premium PET – bottle design as a hallmark of quality
  • The Innofill Can DVD – clean and sustainable canning
  • Showing local presence – a KHS customer service essential
  • Energy Efficiency – The present and the future
  • KHS innovations – one-stop shop system concepts
  • Innokeg Till CombiKeg – simply all in one

Fancy a taster? Then have a look at this post on PET bottle design from Claudia Schulte. She’s a freelance packaging designer and has been working for KHS Corpoplast’s Bottles & Shapes bottle design program for many years now.

“How strong is thus the influence of the product to be packaged on the packaging? This is frequently defined by the properties of the bottle right from the start, such as shapes reminiscent of grandmother’s juice bottle or bottle caps previously familiar from their use for glass bottles only. It’s therefore increasingly a matter of individualizing the product and packaging. As always, the trends that are also reflected clearly in the product design in this case are ’organic’, supplemented with ’homemade’ – in addition to the more recent terms ’hand-crafted’ and ’traditional’. These are tailored very specifically to groups of buyers and their lifestyles, be it adolescents, health and environmentally-conscious consumers, and the 50+ generation. This is where premium PET not only has its greatest development potential but also its most vocal critics.”

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