Roll-fed labeling machines in the KHS Inno­ket brand family have been a household name in the beverage industry for decades, proving themselves in practice many times over. Family members Innoket 360, Innoket 360 DUO and Innoket 360 S (see ‘The Innoket 360 roll-fed clan’) are rec­om­mended for all types of applications, especially for those involving PET bottles. The special features of this formidable trio: not only include process quality but also ease of operation, short cleaning, changeover and maintenance times and therefore high machine efficiency.

The machines have been designed to cater specifically for the medium to high capacity range, are easy to handle and enable operation at almost constant gluing temperatures thanks to their induction heater – an important factor when applying roll-fed labels. They also have a unique overlap correction unit. In short, by nature this is an extremely energyefficient, tried-and-tested concept which also makes minimum use of resources. A number of new developments now further complement the Innoket’s sphere of activities,

  • such as the servomotor-driven reel stand
  • an intelligent sensor technology which ensures perfect label cutting and can even do without cutting marks.

Added to this are a number of newly cre­ated options (see ’How the Innoket 360 scores’),

  • for example the possibility of integrating an additional self-adhesive labeling station
  • or adding a tamper-evident sleever at the machine discharge
  • or installing a second roll-fed station on the labeling carousel.

Classic, cylindrical, one-way PET bottles and the rectangular shapes favored for still beverages can all be dressed with film labels on roll-fed labeling machines. Bottle diameters can vary between 40 and 130 millimeters and filling volumes from 0.1 to 3 liters. The maximum output is 50,000 bottles per hour (60,000 on the Innoket 360 DUO). 

Machine typeParticularly suitable for...Speacial features
Innoket 360 SStandard applications
  • Extremly compact
  • Pitch circle: 708mm
  • Can be integrated into existing lines with a limited amount of space
  • Optional use of a sensor which no longer needs a cutting mark


Innoket 360Special applications
  • High flexibility
  • Pitch circle: 944mm
  • Options:
    self-adhesive labeling station, tamper-evident sleever
  • ptional use of a sensor which no longer needs a cutting mark


Innoket 360 DUOHigh capacities
  • 2 roll-fed stations
  • Capacity: up to 60,000 bph
  • Optional use of a sensor which no longer needs a cutting mark

KHS’ wide range of labeling services also has customers convinced. The company not only provides the plant engineering but also a full consultancy service for sustainable label design, for instance. KHS works in close cooperation with various research institutes and film manufacturers and is thus always up to the minute with the developments on the label market and on the subject of label glue. 

KHS also has its own label laboratory which studies various label properties (such as coefficients of friction, stretching properties, etc.) using cutting-edge measurement equipment. KHS always checks whether the label and labeling technology are compatible with one another. At the same time the company provides advice on the ideal storage and processing conditions for the labels in question. After all, should the applied labels be changed during the service life of a KHS labeler, KHS customers can refer their new label designs to the label lab at any time and again receive advice. In a nutshell: KHS always adopts a holistic approach when it comes to labeling, constantly striving to give its customers maximum benefit and, where at all possible, added value.

How the Innoket 360 scores

SubjectFunction/featureBenefits/customer request
Feed screw
  • Feed screw made of a combination of polyoxymethylene and Teflon
  • Gentle bottle control
Format part changing
  • Lightweight format parts
  • Electrical height adjustment for the machine and labeling station at the press of a button
  • Fast, convenient, tool-free format part changeover
Reel stand servodrive
  • Servodrive instead of a mechanical brake
  • Amount of force reduced by around 80%
  • Larger processing window
Eye mark sensor
  • Simply touch the screen to change the format
  • Noticeable time savings
  • Fewer sources of error
Use of a sensor which no longer needs a cutting mark
  • The optional sensor detects precisely where the cut is to be made by studying the label’s pixel array
  • Faster changeovers to new labels
  • No unattractive cutting marks have to be covered over in the gluing process
  • Saving up to 10 mm in label length per labeled bottle
  • Sample calculation: 40,000 bph and 12 hours of operation on 320 days = 1.5 million meters of label film saved. At a cost reduction of €0.033 per meter of label = approximately €50,000 saving per annum
Cutting unit with a self-sharpening cutter
  • The rotating cutter is still made of hard metal
  • The outer cutter has a soft alloy which sharpens itself on the separate hard metal cutter
  • Perfect label cutting thanks to the permanently sharp cutter
  • Over 100 million cuts per cutter set
  • Ease of operation and functional stability
  • High machine efficiency and precision label cutting at all times
Slip-free vacuum drum
  • The cut label is placed on a slip-free vacuum drum and then glued to the container with hot melt
  • Significantly less glue soiling
Induction heating
  • The gluing drum has been equipped with an induction heater, similar to those as found in induction stoves
  • High-precision temperature control
  • Deviations of less than 1°C
  • Less glue soiling
Overlap correction while the labeler is running
  • The labeling station can be swiveled out to perform overlap corrections during the ongoing production process
  • Further increase in the machine ease of operation
Additional self-adhesive labeling station on the Innoket 360
  • Single or tandem self-adhesive labeling station can be integrated
  • Prerequisite: utilization of the electronic VarioDrive bottle plate control system
  • No machine downtime when a single or tandem self-adhesive labeling station is used in autochange mode
Tamper-evident sleever for the Innoket 360
  • Optional application and shrinkage of tamper-evident sleeves across the bottle mouth directly on the discharge belt
  • Used to prevent counterfeiting
High-performance Innoket 360 DUO
  • Two roll-fed labeling stations installed directly one after the other label only every second bottle that passes by
  • Higher capacity of up to 60,000 bph
  • Runs at half the labeling station speed, proving capacity reserves

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