Großartige Auszeichnung (v. l. n. r.): Saurav Dash, Manager Procurement Capital Investments; und Shukla Wassan, Executive Director & Legal Counsel; sowie Badrinarayanan Srinivasan, Vice President Strategic Procurement, HCCBPL (Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Private Limited); mit Yatindra Sharma, Managing Director; und Partho Ghose, Executive Vice President & Board Member, KHS India

Named top Coca-Cola supplier

Top in India – yet again!


Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America

Craft breweries in focus

Symposium-Teilnehmer: KHS-Referenten und 35 Vertreter von 17 einheimischen Unternehmen

Technical symposium excellently received

Return to Algeria


Invitation from KHS Indústria de Máquinas

Technology seminars in São Paulo

Nairobi-Meeting (v. l. n. r.): Denise Schneider-Walimohamed, Managing Director KHS East Africa; Andreas Peschke, Deutscher Botschafter in Kenia; Prof. E. h. Dr.-Ing. Johann Grabenweger, CSO KHS GmbH; Daniella Pleitz, Service Manager KHS East Africa

New KHS office in Nairobi for East Africa

KHS expands its presence in Africa

At the strategic summit meeting of the suppliers of Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCBPL) in Bengalūru (Bangalore) the company presented KHS Machinery Pvt. Ltd. India with its Supplier Performance Gold Award, naming KHS top performer out of six in its Production Systems Category. This is the third top supplier accolade KHS has received from the company.

With a growth rate of almost 20% compared to the previous year, last year America’s community of small, independent breweries also proved itself to be a veritable driving force in the US brewing industry. Of the more than 2,800 breweries in the USA, 98% are now craft breweries. These microbreweries produce almost 8% of the volume on the US beer market. Preliminary calculations made by the Brewers Association, the trade association of small and medium-sized breweries to which KHS USA also belongs, state that the average annual growth rate over the last ten years is almost 11%.

With a technical symposium held on 3 February 2014, at the Hilton in the Algerian capital of Algiers KHS made its impressive return to the Algerian market. Around thirty-five representatives from seventeen local companies in the beverage industry took part in the extremely successful event.

For the beginning of September, KHS Indústria de Máquinas in São Paulo in­vited around one hundred customers from Brazil and other countries of South America to a series of events held at its company headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil. At three consecutive technology seminars for the beverage industry the sector was able to learn about the benefits the latest technological innovations from KHS can offer in day-to-day operation and over competitors. Two of the events were staged in Portuguese for KHS’ Brazilian customers and the third in Spanish for clients from the remaining countries.

One of the systems in full operation over the course of the event was an InnoPET Blomax 10 stretch blow molder with an Innofill DRV PET filler with fifty-four filling valves and twelve capping heads. At the end of the day there was a happy hour at KHS, followed by a typical Brazilian barbecue.

On 7 February 2014, KHS not only opened its new KHS East African office in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi but also held the first PET forum in the region. At a cocktail reception on the new site customers and other guests were able to have a look round the premises. This KHS office will be the new hub for East Africa and support all customers in this region with their requests and inquiries, from the purchase of new machines and complete product lines to various service issues.

HCCBPL presented its awards in a total of sixteen different categories. The company judges its suppliers according to a number of strict criteria, such as exact compliance with delivery dates, competitiveness, localization investments and innovative strength.

For Yatindra Sharma, managing director of KHS India, this award expresses great recognition for the excellent contribution KHS India makes to the success of HCCBPL. He communicated this honor to his entire workforce, without whom such consistent top performance would not be possible.

The awards ceremony marked the end of a top conference, during which the management of Coca-Cola spoke about the strategic perspectives of the company, its bottling business and its procurement activities. The management also gave presentations on pioneering technology and production variants.

At the largest specialist brewing conference and trade show in the USA, CBC, which the association staged in the lofty heights of the Rocky Mountains from 8 – 11 April 2014, around 9,000 industry representatives (40% more than in the previous year) studied various systems, equipment, ingredients and services at booths manned by almost 500 exhibitors.

The two-day BrewExpo America trade show also took place parallel to CBC. Here, KHS exhibited its Innofill Glass Micro filler and Innokeg Transomat 5/1 DUO, the latter also immediately sold to the Breckenridge Brewery in Breckenridge (Colorado), not far from the venue in Denver. The next CBC and BrewExpo will take place from 14 – 17 April, 2015, in Portland, Oregon, in the American Northwest, heralded as one of the strongholds of the craft brewing industry.

It gave customers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest KHS technology. Special attention was paid to topics such as the hot filling of juices and the aseptic filling of sensitive products, such as milk and other dairy products, and also to the cold filling of traditional products such as mineral water and soda pops.

Some examples of innovative KHS engineering which awakened great interest were the pioneering direct print system and the film-free packaging method (film non-film) which holds PET bottles and cans together in a way that saves on costs and materials.

KHS sees great potential on the Algerian market as customers here are showing a growing interest in bringing their equipment up to date. There was also an extra icing on the cake at the event for KHS, with the relaunch in Maghreb taking off with an order for a new mineral water line for Sarl Nomade which can bottle 40,000 bottles per hour.

KHS is thus now present around the globe. Besides setting up the new branch for the east of the country KHS also services the south with its office in Johannesburg (South Africa), the west with its facility in Lagos (Nigeria). and the north at its location in Cairo (Egypt). In view of the ever rapid growth of the population here, it is expected that the demand for consumer goods will continue to steadily rise. It’s thus vital that KHS commit itself to Africa and is available locally as a key partner for existing and potential customers.

The technical PET forum centered on innovations and current developments in KHS packaging systems, labeling concepts, and filling and stretch blow molding technology. Participants included thirty-two customers from the respective beverage industries of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.