Dear Readers:

Even though the current situation in many countries of the world differs in the details, the corona crisis continues to impact our daily lives. We are long practiced in adapting ourselves to new and often difficult circumstances. Together we can find solutions to almost any problem – with commitment, creativity and often also with the help of digital technology. What we all greatly miss, however, is personal contact. We thus suggest that you treat this ­magazine as an invitation to meet with KHS and some of your colleagues in the industry – albeit indirectly and therefore without risk. For even if we haven’t seen one another for some time, there’s still plenty to talk about!

Focus on sustainability: Nature MultiPack™ from KHS combines containers not with shrink film but with easy-to-remove dots of adhesive to form stable packs, thus saving up to 90% in packaging materials. In the article ‘Full speed ahead!’ we reveal that this packaging innovation is now also available for the high-performance range. In the article ‘The beer of the future since 1758’ you can read about this technology in action at Brouwerij Martens in Belgium.

Focus on flexibility: diversity is the order of the day at the Olvi Group in Finland. Of its 400 SKUs, around 90 are processed on a KHS non-returnable PET line that’s been in operation here since 2006. Eighteen conversions have been made in the packaging and palletizing section alone over the last ten years, with the number of formations increased from 25 to 82. You can find out what KHS Service has achieved here in the article ‘Masters of adaptation’.

Focus on the future: from July 2024 tethered caps on single-use PET bottles are obligatory throughout the whole of Europe. This isn’t the only challenge posed to beverage producers by the EU’s Single-Use Plastics Directive, however. Read in the article ‘Forming an attachment’ how KHS’ team of experts is looking outside the box and supporting its customers with competent, proactive advice.

We’re looking forward to again picking up the thread in direct talks with you in the near future. Until then, please stay safe and remain optimistic – as are we.

Thomas Karell
Head of the Service Division