Dear Readers:

Climate change and ocean pollution are two of the big challenges we face in our day and age. People all over the world are calling for politicians and businesses to make a greater effort to solve these problems. As a manufacturer of filling and packaging systems – and as a reliable partner to our customers – we, too, must shoulder responsibility. In this issue of our magazine we shall thus be examining which innovations in beverage packaging make ecological sense, for example. We will look at how KHS is already facilitating the use of recycled plastics in bottle production. And we shall make palpable the power of a rethink which opens up new avenues for both man and machine.

  •  Focus on sustainability: at our production site in Kleve our packaging experts are continuously developing systems that need less and less packaging material compared to the standard formats in use to date or which have a better ecobalance. We have a few examples for you from here onwards.
  •  Focus on digital technology: in full keeping with Industry 4.0 KHS has created a digital twin. Starting here, read how the KHS Palletizing Product Center in Worms is using virtual commissioning to further shorten lead times and cut costs caused by defects.
  •  Focus on efficiency: sparkling wine producer Rotkäppchen-Mumm processes 13 different packaging formats on a single KHS line – with minimum changeover times. You can find out how this works and which role our partner Schubert plays in all this here and beyond.

With this issue of ‘KHS competence’ we hope to provide you with plenty of new insights and sources of inspiration – and of course also wish you a very good read!