SEP 19, 2017

Richly ornamented

Moscow, 11.17 am

With over two billion passengers a year the Moscow Metro is one of the most frequently used subways in the world. Kiyevskaya Station, opened in 1954, impressively illustrates why its stations are also called the ‘palaces of the people’.

OCT 18, 2017

Well staged

Belgrade, 11.23 am

A climber removes a huge sticker from the glass façade of the JDP Yugoslav Drama Theater, reopened in 2003. A reconstructed section of the previous building from the 1930s behind him is reflected as a giant mirror image.

DEC 7, 2017

Well sorted

Istanbul, 6.50 pm

You can find just about anything on this stall in the Grand Bazaar – from dried fruit and colorful spices to bright scarves and ornamental plates. And of course water in single-serve PET bottles.