Sep 9, 2016

Young love

Hungary, 4.31 pm

Two newly-weds await their car outside the Várkert Bazár at the foot of the castle mound. In keeping with national tastes the bride’s dress is as splendid as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the background.

Dec 18, 2016

Modern design

USA, 5.53 pm

The award-winning building of the Milwaukee Art Museum bears the hallmark of star architect Santiago Calatrava. It impressively illustrates that Wisconsin is the master of many arts – and not just the one of making beer.

Nov 10, 2016

Old hand

Germany, 9.39 am

After 46 years at the company Werner Oster, head of Project Processing for KHS in Kleve, attends his last BrauBeviale. His colleagues give him a great send off before he starts his well-earned retirement.