10. Dez 2015

Looking up

Mexico, 2.12 pm

At the KHS factory in Mexico plant manager Moises Cervantes Copca has his eye on his thermal container handling and transportation and conveying technology – from both a strategic and operative point of view.

16. Dez 2015

Smartened up

WI, USA, 3.38 pm

“Travel the world without leaving your bar stool,” is the motto of this pub on ethnically diverse Brady Street not far from the headquarters of KHS USA Inc. in Waukesha. This is an invitation you simply can’t refuse – whatever the time of year!

19. Aug 2015

Enroute to Uganda

Frankfurt Hahn Airport,
Germany, 3.34 pm

Eight large KHS machines weighing 65 metric tons are loaded onto an Antonov 124. Another 103 packages are flying to Entebbe in three jumbo jets, where they will travel on to Century Bottling Co. Ltd. in Kashari, Mbarara.