When it comes to packaging, SMEs also believe in quality not quantity. For even if the quantity is relatively small, the quality of the packaging still has to be perfect. To satisfy exactly this demand, KHS designed the packaging machines of the Innopack Kisters Primus SP series. With its perfected functions, flexibility, rugged design, and high quality standards this multitalented system has proved convincing for about ten years now. However, the fact that this prime performer is so talented compels it to also live up to the new challenges presented by its users.

In addition to high economic effi­ciency, criteria such as sustainability, flexibil­ity, and operator friendliness are also becoming increasingly important for small and medium-sized companies in the beverage, food, and non-food industries to survive the stiff competition. KHS thus focused on these changed and additional specifications when it revamped its Innopack Kisters Primus SP. The innovative features and benefits of the new Primus are summarized in the following.

Optimized for the future


Regardless of what’s scheduled for packaging – bottles, cans or cups, whether plastic, glass or metal, whether standard or individu­ally designed packs – the Innopack Kisters Primus SP is able to process an enormous range of container types and is easily converted to other styles. The system processes printed and unprinted film in various widths and thicknesses. In its optimized form it can now also create longer shrink packs (with 40 mm of extra length), which again expands the machine’s area of application. An op­tional energy-saving package for the shrink process, comprised of an electronically controlled standby function, reduces the energy consumption during brief production interruptions by up to 20%.

Small footprint

The Innopack Kisters Primus SP has been kept compact; at 9.70 meters long and 1.95 meters wide, the shrink packer takes up very little space and can be easily integrated into existing lines with its small footprint.


The Primus is equipped with a standardized control cabinet, which has now been sepa­rated from the hot shrink tunnel, is better ventilated, and can be cooled using less energy. The hot air nozzles in the shrink tunnel also work more intelligently and efficiently. They can be individually adjusted and configured, ensuring that energy is used only when and where hot air is required. The result is optimum sustainability and perfect shrink results.

Packaging quality

Extremely careful product handling and state-of-the-art control technology (Siemens S7) ensure that the containers are conveyed gently and smoothly. The film wrapping station works using a blade system, wrapping the product groups so that the film overlaps at the base, giving the shrink pack good stabi­lity. Product-specific wrapping curves and an electronically controlled curve speed profile produce optimum film wrapping results. Sensors constantly monitor the process for correct results, pack by individual pack.

The result

Future-proof right down the line

During the extensive revision of the Innopack Kisters Primus SP, with a permanent focus on its later utilization in practice, the engineers at KHS once again erected a milestone for their customers, giving them a top-precision shrink packer that is even more flexible, even easier to operate and even more sustainable. It should be noted that in the future, too, this system is to retain its basic character, namely that of a compact, fully automatic, and economical packer. Quite simply, the new Primus is packaging technology in its prime.

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