When it comes to convincing existing and prospective customers of the value of KHS innovations, the perfect medium is demonstrating our enormous passion for technological systems at the world’s leading trade shows.

drinktec in September 2013 was without a doubt the ideal opportunity to present KHS’ many significant innovations, among them the Innosept Asbofill ASR rotary aseptic machine, the Innoket Neo labeling concept, the Innofill Can DVD canner and our revolutionary direct digital print system for PET bottles.

“When planning our trade show exhibit, we made a special effort to forge a link between our history, our technology, and providing a certain emotional appeal for our visitors. Our biggest reward was the enthusiasm of our customers and of course our colleagues.”

Sandra Wapniewski,
Corporate Communication Trade Shows & Events, KHS GmbH

The generous display of these and various other exhibits at our trade show booth created a unique setting in which visitors could examine the machinery at length and learn more in talks with KHS. Spacious catering areas provided a comfortable atmosphere and offered visitors with a quiet space to contemplate and recover – so crucial at trade shows – giving a positive bent to their often minutely planned show schedules.

The special challenge for the KHS team sent to the world’s leading trade show for our industry was to illustrate all facets of KHS’ professed claim of being the First Choice in Technology and Service in a manner comprehensible to the customer. The booth’s perfect meld of history, innovation, and emo­tional appeal made sure that KHS was not only one of the topics of conversation of the show among its customers and partners but also for its competitors.

A warm welcome: the modern, feel-good catering area.
Premiere: KHS presents a machine that is able to print directly on PET bottles.
4,200 square meters: KHS had the second largest exhibition booth at drinktec.
The Technology Lab was an absolute attraction for visitors who came to take a look at the pack­aging systems of the future.

4,200 square meters of innovation

Besides the many impressive technological innovations on display, the 4,200 square-meter exhibition booth – the second largest at drinktec – was in itself a topic of animated conversion. The new Technology Lab, where KHS gave exclusive insights into the key developments, which would mold the future, such as the direct digital printing of PET bottles, was an example of just one feature, which at­tracted great interest and created long waiting lines. The same went for the large auditorium, where each day KHS experts discussed new topics ­relevant to the industry with their customers.

Altogether, KHS presented itself to its international clientele with a show concept, which was both coherent and extremely successful, portraying its aforementioned central theme of ’First Choice in Technology and ­Service’ with total conviction. 

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